Our goal is to bring comfort to our customers through personalized advice in a digital world. We support our clients in all circumstances and adapt to their needs.

Our founders

Fiduciary Simon & Oliver Shérine Nguyen

Shérine Nguyen


Pragmatic, far-sighted, committed
Shérine Nguyen started her career in an international environment but while preparing her diploma of specialist in finance and accounting she discovered the fiduciary branch and the pleasure of accompanying SMEs in their development and life cycle. “I am always looking for ways to make improvements and to steer things in the right direction. My aim is to make you forget the administrative burden by anticipating your needs.”
alexander simon wenas

Founder & Partner

Analyst, Decision-maker, Executor Alexander S. Wenas feels at home in both worlds, the fiduciary and the digital. As a webmaster, entrepreneur, business consultant or external CFO of various companies, he very often has the opportunity to communicate his enthusiasm for innovation.
“I am a follower of analytical, systems thinking. For me, it underpins a structured and consistent approach throughout the implementation process.”
Fiduciary Simon & Oliver Alexander Wenas
Fiduciary Simon & Oliver Pascal Wild
pascal oliver wild


Passionately committed between theory and practice. Pascal O. Wild is co-founder of Simon&Oliver Ltd. and has been active for the company until 2021. He holds a PhD in socio-economics from the University of Geneva and is an Associate Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Fribourg. He works in applied research and academia, and manages mandates for private and public institutions.

Our team

Fiduciary  Simon & Oliver - Raquel

Raquel Santos

Discreet worker
Fiduciary  Simon & Oliver - Sabrina

Sabrina Sousa

Jovial worker

myriam catherine

Ratka Georgieva